Callum Irving's Website

About me

Hi! I'm Callum Irving. I am a student and software developer with 5+ years of experience creating personal projects. I am open to opportunities right now so please contact me using the info on the bottom section of this site. My programming expertise is mostly in backend and low-level programming. I love working with data and APIs. I also enjoy programming for embedded systems like PIC chips or Arduino.

Some of my projects

There are some of my favourite projects that I have worked on:

Go to my projects page to view more of my projects! You can also check out my github profile to see what I'm working on currently.

Come check out my blog!

I'm generally not the type of person to write opinion pieces for fun but whenever I occasionally have something to say or just have something that I feel people should know, I'm going to try to put it on my blog page.

About this website

In the past I have spent a lot of time trying to make the most modern website using Javscript frameworks like React, NextJS and Vue. It finally occurred to me that I didn't need those complicated frameworks for such a simple site. I made this website using Zola , a simple static site engine.

The inspiration for this website came from looking at the Advent of Code 2021 website. The website doesn't have random stuff cluttering it and despite having an "old" design, it's actually very readable.

Contact me

Please come check out my github or feel free to send me an email.